Not long ago we’ve been interviewed by, the biggest German information site about online dating. We talked about different solutions and approaches toward building a dating site. In the interview you will also find references to some of the sites built recently with PG Dating Pro. Please note that the interview is in German. is run by metaflake company that was founded by Henning Wiechers. Henning has made a name for himself as an expert in the sphere of online dating services. He’s been monitoring and reviewing dating websites since 2002.

metaflake now operates a number of websites in 15+ countries across the world, and largely focuses on online dating and marketing. Among their digital resources there are websites that address the questions and trials of online dating and will certainly be of interest to people who are into dating online or into building a dating business of their own. Some of the most popular websites are the already mentioned for Germany, for the United Kingdom, for Spain, and many others.

The websites are a collection of facts and useful online dating tips, as well as reviews of existing dating websites and matchmaking services in different niches. Henning and the team also hold interviews with the industry experts such as CEOs and founders of popular websites. The company does regular research and collects statistical data that may turn to be a valuable resource for those who want to start a dating business online.

It is our hope that the readers of our blog will make good use of the information presented by and partner websites. We’ll be glad to hear your comments and opinion.