Some call it the “X-Factor”, others call it “love at first sight”, but there’s no denying that an indescribable spark causes many people to fall in love.

After meeting his wife through a mutual friend, Hayfield native Tony Kramer had the idea for SparkStarter, a new online dating website.

The premise of the site is simple: you sign up on Sparkstarter to find “sparks” for yourself or to match up friends.

Daters are paired through mutual friends and “likes” on their Facebook pages to determine their compatibility.

But in this increasingly tech-based society, does social media diminish the romance of the dating scene?

“Spark-starting is really about making that initial introduction and then it’s for those two people to take it into the offline world…the introduction happens through (the site), but afterwards, we want people to interact offline,” said founder Tony Kramer.

The full-fledged date for the website,, is set for January 14, 2014.

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