A new chinese app called Zhantai offers a surprising twist: it is a network for meeting people who commute the same way you do on the subway.

Zhantai – which literally means “platform” in Chinese – is a bit like other location-based dating apps out there, like China’s Momo. But Zhantai focuses on helping you meet people at two locations: around the subway station nearest where you live, and the one by where you work. Perhaps this will double your chance of getting a date. Of course, you don’t have to meet with these people during your commute – a coffee shop is a much better place for any real-world interactions you net from the app.

Zhantai claims to have 2.7 million registered users. After testing it out briefly, it seems to have quite a lot of registered users in my area, but not so many have been active in the past month; at least it has a good mix of twenty-something women and guys. Zhantai is free to use, but it sells in-app purchases, which are things like postcards that you can post to a social wall, and virtual presents that you can give to someone you like.

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