Welcome to Hipster Shaadi: a dating website for third culture kids AKA “proud Muslim Americans”, which launched at the end of October.

Site founders Shereen Nourollahi, 26, and Humaira Mubeen, 24, met on an online forum, Mipsterz – “Muslim hipsters” – while taking part in a discussion about the chasm between parents’ expectations and younger generations’ approach to marriage. They decided to start a website to connect people with the same mindset.

“We wanted something really simple, that allowed people to write about themselves,” says Nourollahi. “Not like other websites, which have parents putting up nice, squeaky clean profiles that advertise their kids’ degrees and height and complexion.” The gap Hipster Shaadi fills is the one that comes after the non-negotiable “Islamic identity”. “You know, the other things these American-born kids really care about,” she continues. Unsurprisingly, a good amount of traffic has come from social media and word of mouth. “I heard we’re on Reddit, and NPR sought us out. I don’t even know how they found us,” she laughs.

Interestingly, there are no photographs required – a feature that a lot of users have responded to very enthusiastically. “Once a person gets connected, they can see a photograph, but not while browsing.”

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