PG Real Estate script was first produced by PilotGroup.NET in 2007. It included 100% self-written code which was improved and updated by the team until the middle of 2013. Few people knew that at the end of 2012 the company began a parallel development – a completely new real estate platform based on CodeIgniter framework.

To those who choose between these 2 software, we would like to present this overview:


PG Real Estate on Original platform is translated into 6 languages, including English, Russian, French, Spanish, German and Turkish.

New platform has only been translated into English and Russian so far, however it’s expected to be translated into all 6 languages quite soon.

Nevertheless both platforms can be translated manually from the back end to any other language.

Additional Modules

Original platform has the advantages of offering more options. It has Mobile version, Mortgage, SMS notifications, Newsletters. It is only natural as Original platform has been in the market for much longer.

For now New platform has only Newsletters and Polls modules. We work hard to develop the complete set of options for New platform as soon as possible.

Paid services

Both platforms have an extensive set of paid services. Owners of Original platform can let their site members lift their listings up in search results, make listing featured in region, highlight it or place a banner ad, send money to another site member, switch on slideshow of listing photos, and more.

New platform can boast of 3 more different options: agent/agency logo can be displayed in search for a fee, listing provider contact information can require pricing and some services can be combined into packages.

Over time the list of paid options as well as payment systems available in the software will be extended.

Social widgets

Original platform goes with an option to create a copy of real estate site in the frame of Facebook and Vkontakte. Site admin just creates an application and fills in the app details in the back-end.

In New platform social widgets are expanded to include login with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and, sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and commenting.


Both Original and New platforms work with the same import formats: .CSV, .ZIP, . XML. Speaking about export possibilities, the differences are as follows. Original platform provides export in .CSV, . ZIP, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Oodle, Propbot, Yandex properties formats. The list of options supported by New platform is a little different. Along with .CSV, Zillow, Trulia, Oodle, Yandex properties export options it also offers export .XML, Vast, plus Syndafeed listings and Syndafeed agents.

Advanced features

New platform possesses some advanced features that are not present in Original platform. Among them dynamic blocks on site main page, advanced currency settings, separate forms for listings in different categories, fields editor for listings and search forms, recommended properties, spam alerts and even SEO settings.

SEO settings mean that site owner can set metatags for pages, integrate Google Analytics code, edit robots.txt, sitemap.xml etc. All the parameters are managed from website back end that helps real estate site to get high rank in search results.

As you see, the real estate script is constantly improving – updates are put up 3-4 times a year and product development team listens to their customers’ wishes and ideas.

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