Apartment hunters in big cities where the market is tough know submitting application after application can be a tedious, stressful process. Online rental-finder service Lovely could make it a little bit easier.

Today, the rental finder adds a new feature, Apply With Lovely. Similar to online job application services that allow job hunters to upload their resume once and send it out to multiple employers, Apply With Lovely lets renters fill out one application with basic information, like annual income and previous landlord contacts, and use it to apply to as many apartments as they’d like. It’s an especially smart feature for the viciously competitive rentals market, where all it can take is the time you spend filling out an application to lose that apartment you’ve been eyeing.

For $20, apartment hunters on Lovely can send their completed Lovely Rental Application to a particular property owner or manager, along with a free credit report Lovely is providing in partnership with Experian. The property owner can choose to accept the renter’s application directly through Lovely, though signing a lease and other post-offer activities still have to happen the old-fashioned way: in person.

But CEO Blake Pierson tells Fast Company, “The payments piece will be the next part that we launch. “We’ve helped you find your apartment. We’ve helped you connect with the landlord. Now, how do we help you easily send a payment every month?”

Lovely first hit the market in late 2011, distinguishing itself from other services like Trulia, PadMapper, and the ever-hazardous Craigslist through features that let interested renters contact landlords directly from the site, as well as keep real-time tabs on specific streets and parameters.