Most of jobseekers make the same mistake: quite after employment agreement signup they remove or inactivate their resume at the recruitment site. And it’s totally consistent. Successful employee doesn’t want to be disturbed by calls and emails with job offer any more. The choice was made and job search is at least over. We recommend you to leave resume active even after successful employment. Here we’ll show you some active resume benefits and opportunities.

1. You won’t have to active your resume again. This will let you continuously track new job opportunities avoiding HR department attention. Psychologists say that those who change their job once in 3 -4 years are more successful and solicited than those who stay at one place for ages. So with permanently active resume you can start searching for new job at any time, without your current chief’s hard questions.

2. Active resume – is a great opportunity to know how much you cost, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Specify your current place of employment and check, how job offers are changed. If now you are offered with larger income, then you are doing right. If there are no changes, then, probably, your resume and career has to be reconsidered: think of new job responsibilities or professional education. Anyway, open resume is a good demand detector.

3. Do you want to know exactly how much you really can earn? We can recommend you to handle a secure experiment now, when you are already employed. Think objectively, how much your month salary HAS to be. Add 30-40% to this amount and write this salary amount in your resume. Track the number of calls for about 1 month period. If this number was decreased, than lessen your salary amount to 10% and examine results in a month again. This experiment will help you to find the maximal salary employers are ready to offer you. What if it’s twice larger than your current one?

4. Consider another option: you are successfully employed and happy with your current salary. And will you refuse to get additional income? Professionals are frequently offered with side jobs, where they are employed as consultants. Lots of companies are ready to pay good wages to part-time job specialists. Side projects are profitable however it evolves professional skills and keeps open-mindedness. As a result, you become even more valuable collaborator for your main employee.

5. According to Right Management, a subsidiary of the giant staffing firm ManpowerGroup, only 19% of workers in USA and Canada are satisfied with their current jobs. Even if you are happy in this company, don’t lose your chance to receive dream work offer faster.

Job seeking process is a very frantic process with lots of pitfalls. We suppose we’ve opened new opportunities for you here. At the end we’d refer to fact that Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, with roughly $114,16 earned per second, won’t bother to pick up a $100 bill.