Social networking means free access to information and communication, and it’s great. Yet the price you have to pay may be a complete lack or absense of anonymity. Every photo that you share, every ‘like’ and ‘repost’ may at some point become available to strangers or marketing managers. Closed social networks can help you limit access to your information and exercise better control over what you wish to share and with whom.

Thus, some of the private networks give you extended privacy control, while others rely on certain criteria that you need to meet to become a member. It can be proof of profession or your residence, being an employee of the company and such. In this case you will have to wait to be approved and to be allowed to join.

Members of closed social networks benefit from better security and control. Owners of the closed networks have a number of ways to monetize, among them:

-Targeted advertising,
-Polls and surveys,
-Paid services that exclusive members are more willing to pay for,
-Access to useful content,
-Specific niche services.

Here is a list of some popular private and enterprise networks.


Path is the place for private messaging and sharing photos, videos and other content with the people who matter most.


Safe sharing with family and friends. The idea rotates around circles. There can be a family circle, a circle of best friends or coworkers, and so on.


The service that can be used anonymously and does not want any of your data, for a change. All communication is encrypted.


This is more of a collaboration service, which is cloud-based and using secure SSL connection.


Business solution that helps to collaborate securely across departments, geographies, content and business applications.


Zyncro offers both Enterprise and Private solutions, supporting private and exclusive interaction, data sharing, and more.

Building a private social network is a good idea if you’d like to start your own business online. Select your niche and create a community of like-minded people.

Note that private social networks can even help neighbours catch criminals.

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