Closer is a new peer-to-peer dating app that aims to put an end to dead-end dates by allowing friends to play matchmakers and meet new people. While some apps focus strictly on “hooking up,” Closer gives users the opportunity to find meaningful relationships through those who know them best – their friends. Users connect their Closer profile to their Facebook account and can easily introduce friends to one another or ask friends to set them up.

The app allows users to set up friends based on real experiences they’ve had with each person. Instead of relying on database algorithms, people know their friends’ sense of humor, personality and myriad of other traits that could never be captured by keywords. Closer humanizes the matchmaking process by allowing the user’s closest friends to help them find a match. With Closer, users already know at least one person who can vouch for the character of the person they’re connecting with – something that greatly reduces the risks involved with meeting a total stranger.

“It’s not about a huge database of single people,” Taisia Antonova, co-founder of Closer said. “Closer is a matchmaking experience where friends set up people who they think will like each other and see if they were right. It’s incredibly rewarding for someone to know they helped two friends. We provide the matchmaker with the updates on how their matches are doing, whether they made friends on Facebook or were tagged in a photo together.”

“Closer is all about getting close,” Eugenia Kuyda, co-founder of Closer added. “It’s not only about meeting new people, but also those who you met before at parties but maybe didn’t make friends. We don’t want Closer to become a tool that would substitute the real world’s communicational experience. We want people to find out if they are liked and give them a push to get closer in real life. We eliminate the hinders that make the first step by letting someone know that he or she is liked. And if not, they will never find it out.”

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