In what could prove to be a stealth move to compete with the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook has added a fully discoverable “professional skills” option to its user profiles.

The subtle change, discovered by a blog called Sociobits.org, looks to have been quietly rolled out some time last week. Facebook did not immediately respond to our request for clarification.

The new category appears as an option in a Facebook profile’s About section under the heading of Work and Education. A simple click on the edit button near the heading reveals the new category that automatically offers links to pages focused on the skills the user has entered.


When a user clicks on one of the linked professional skills, they’re taken to a new page that shows existing friends with similar interest in that skill as well as related pages, groups and a listing of new people the user might know who have expressed an interest in that professional skill. Perhaps more importantly, tagging a profile with a list of professional skills instantly makes that user’s profile easier to discover for employers looking for a particular kind of new hire.