In the past I have written about Social Media, QR codes, Mobile apps, etc. So what is the next big thing that customers will be doing? The answer and that future is not far away. Point & Know.

What is Point & Know? If you don’t know you should not be surprised as it is about to hit the market in a big way but still has not.

Most if not all smartphone and devises have pretty Hi-Definition camera, they are all connected to the web via 3G or 4G networks, and they all have more computing power than the US space program that sent men to the moon. Put all this together and you get Point & Know.

You simple point your smartdevice at an object, say a house, real-estate office, even the face of an agent and click, you have access to information on the house, and consumer reports on real estate offices and agents.

How is this different then typing in a Google search? For one it’s much faster, it more accurate and those two features mean customer will use it more.

Therefore they will forever be in demand by consumers searching for the best of the best. Equally important, the discovery aspect of information adds a fun factor too.

Discovery will no longer be limited to text search. After a decade of near-obsessive Googling, instant access to information with the right (textual) input is now expected, a way of life. The next frontier is visual info-gratification: consumers accessing information about objects encountered in the real world, in more natural ways and while on-the-go, simply by pointing their smartphones at anything interesting.

What does this mean to portals? Forward thinking portals will prepare for this brave new world, and embrace the tech. By increase the digital information about themselves, and more importantly maintaining a good digital image of their company. That old adage of Customer Service being number 1, will soon have to be true, for when it is not, everyone on the planet will know by just pointing their camera at you.

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