Using matchmaking services seems to have become a trend, again. People are busy and have little time left for bumps and trials in their personal life, and just want to be efficient in everything. Who wouldn’t, actually? So they start confiding in the professionals in the field of matrimony whose job is to match them up with somebody.

This new formation of matchmakers are no longer respectable ladies in their 50s, they are quite young and savvy in the online world of social media.

Using modern approach, matchmakers turn to Facebook and its Graph Search to find clients. With over a billion users, Facebook proves to be an endless source of matching possibilities.

People tend to update their Facebook profiles regularly, and viewing someone’s profile on Facebook may be close to meeting them in real life. With the background of online dating that people used to do on their own, it works well being approached by matchmakers who do the basic job of profiles browsing for them.

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