Tribe Hollywood Communications, a communications and entertainment company, announces a new website aiming to make “regular” dating more adventurous, sexy and straightforward but skirt the seediness of “sugar daddy” sites.

“Sugar daddy” dating – where “sugar babies” date “sugar daddies” for material gain – has become hot on the web with sites like sugardaddy.com and has entered American culture with TV shows like VH1′s “Fabulous Life” portraying celebrity “sugar daddies.” But it hasn’t managed to shake its air of seediness.

A new dating site, Spoil You Spoil Me Dating, aims to change that. “We want to take the advantages sugar daddy dating has brought to the dating world – like more honesty, sex appeal and adventurousness – and use them to spice up ‘regular’ dating,” says SpoilYouSpoilMe.com founder Martin Hammer. “It’s not a secret that women like a successful, passionate man and that men like a beautiful woman to spoil. We encourage that, but we want to tone down on the ‘sugar’ while turning up the heat. Our emphasis is not on cash and ‘favors,’ like on many other sites, but on spoiling each other as an approach to starting a relationship. We’re trying to appeal to regular guys and gals.”

SpoilYouSpoilMe users are given a choice of wanting to spoil or wanting to be spoiled, indicating how you would like to approach or be approached. “Oh La La Pictures” give users the opportunity to spice up their presence with photos allowing more risqué content than regular sites, and “Blanks” take the pain out of profile writing and encourage users to be enticing and outgoing.

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