Soundwave has updated its social music sharing app with some new features, including the ability to find people whose music tastes match yours.

Users can now also see a live feed of who is listening to, liking, or disliking a track. A song’s listening history is also now visible, which means you can easily discover people who also like the same music. And to add some personal sprinklings on top, each user’s profile page now has space for a biography. The bio, or “claim to fame” section, is also searchable to make it even easier to find like-minded music fans.

Soundwave’s main thrust isn’t so much live streaming of music, though in many cases you can click to get a 30-second sample of what another user has been listening to. Instead it’s all about connecting users to new music and also to sources where they can buy tracks they like. The app represents a wholly new angle on the current vogues in digital music. As part of its new expansion, it’s added music service 8tracks alongside existing support for Rdio and Spotify–an app which has itself been adding new discovery features recently.

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