Technology brings us closer together yet pushes us further apart, so how do you overcome this and other conundrums to make tech work for you not against you?

The conundrum of technology

Technology is a conundrum; a confusing and difficult problem or question, indeed! It is the double-edged sword that simultaneously arms you with the powers of productivity and the perils of procrastination. It gives you the WORLD in the palm of our hand yet may prevent you from listening to the person standing right next to you. Technology is a gift that can sometimes feel like a curse. It is becoming more simple and easy to use, yet with increasing complexity and capability. Such is the irony that is technology.

Don’t get me wrong because I love technology! Perhaps even a little too much. It is difficult to fathom what my life would look like without the technologies I am accustomed to using on a daily basis. Yet the relationship I have with technology is…well, complicated. Perhaps it is for you as well.
There is hardware to buy, storage to manage, accounts to setup, passwords to store, accessories to buy, data to synchronize, apps to update, emails to read (or not), receipts to save, alerts to acknowledge, more accessories to buy, software to upgrade, documents to scan, to dosto do and of course calls to take, voice messages to listen to, texts to read and AGBeat articles to clip and share. There is no end to what you can do (and not get done) when you use and interact with the latest and greatest technologies available to you.

Real Estate & Technology

When it comes to real estate practitioners and technology, I’m of the opinion that it will ultimately be an ‘Adopt, Adapt or Die’ scenario within the next 10-15 years, if not much sooner. Regardless of age, background, upbringing and love (or lack thereof) for technology, those who call themselves real estate professionals must be willing to do what it takes to adopt relevant technologies and adapt to using them effectively or be prepared to see business significantly dwindle as a result.

Agents and brokers don’t necessarily need to become 100% paperless, but should decide in what areas a paperless approach may make sense. Then take the steps necessary to put a paperless process into place.

There will always be those that have no desire to adopt and adapt to technology innovations. They may seem to know everyone or simply have enough sheer social grit to keep their business going and growing, even without using all the latest technologies available to them. While power agents that are technology-averse may see little to no change in their business in the near term, they could be out of business within the next decade. When we limit the value we provide to our clients, we limit our results. Ultimately our results will be in direct proportion to the services we render; the value we create in the market.

We live in an age where we are becoming hard-wired to be wireless. Sure, you can opt-out of technology, but in so doing you would also opt-out of the challenges and opportunities technology brings us. We need to be able to have an open mind, be flexible and recognize thatchange is the only constant in our lives. We need to release negativity and let go of any mental blocks or self-limiting beliefs which tell us we can’t do something, learn something or use something…just because we don’t understand it.

I believe my future success in real estate will, in large part, be directly correlated with my willingness and ability to adopt and adapt to technology innovation. Keep in mind that even the sharpest techno-gurus out there have their moments of difficulty, frustration and even fear. They just work through those emotions and keep learning; keep getting better. You and I can do that, too! Here’s how…

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