We have 2 news that may be important for your real estate website!

There is a correction that will improve your site indexing and crawling

Indexing and crawling

We discovered a great improvement that will help your website to be better indexed and crawled by search engine robots. Please do the changes described in the attached file.

The improvement lies in Ajax script which is used to load search results. The fact is that search engine robots do not “understand” Ajax and it results in indexing and crawling of only part of your listings. The described changes will make the use of Ajax script optional.

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There are new features that may improve your services

1. Live chat


Live chat tool can give you a wonderful opportunity to provide support and advice to your site members and visitors, in real time.

Most live chat software providers will give you HTML code to add to your website pages. We are making it easier for you to add the HTML code to the site. You can do it directly from administration panel instead of editing template files on the server, by inserting the code into a text area and saving the changes.

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2. Listings widget


There is a new add-on that will help you to promote your listings on other websites – listings widget!

The widget displays 20 random listings from your real estate site. The price includes adding your logotype, changing colors, displaying listings with appropriate country and currency.

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