This article is written by Elijah Kiemo Kaminju for participation in contest “The real estate market and the Internet”.

The real estate market depends fully on use of Internet and the related technologies, and use of web applications that rely on Internet for their use. This is because of the accrued advantages of the internet which are majorly communication and data transfer, among others.

The real estate market and the Internet have been bridged by use of Real Estate Softwares. These softwares are usually web based applications that are used by real estate brokers, agents and companies. These softwares are independent and customizable solutions which enhance productivity of Real Estate businesses.

The following are features among others, which I would want to have in my dream realty site:
• The system should be a CMS (content management systems) based systems which is highly customizable and for editing articles
• The system should hold huge database of members and their listings
• The system should be integrated with APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which makes it a powerful software
• The system should support one or multiple languages
• The system should be templatable i.e. administrator can re-brand the system by using templates
• The system should have several options for displaying property e.g. maps, texts, images etc.
• The system should support use of multiple images/photos and may support virtual tours and videos
• The system should have a number of APIs that help to populate the real estate website with relevant listings; and xml feeds to syndicate your listings to popular real estate portals
• The system should have a section that helps searching for local real estate agents and agencies, viewing their profiles, listings and rating their service quality
• The system should provide different search options with various property operations. Extended list of search options includes quick, refine and advanced search forms.
• The system should support different ways of setting up and running fee-based services.
• The system should have a fully equipped and yet comprehensive administration panel

Use of the above features, combined with use of Internet technologies will enhance user experience and make real estate marketing a reality.

PG Real Estate Solution – script for creating a real estate site.