Google Glass may never become a popular consumer device, but that’s not stopping Trulia from making what should be the first real estate search app for Glass.

The real estate search engine revealed its plans to San Francisco’s NBC affiliate over the weekend and shared more details in a blog post Monday.

When available, the app will tap into property listings in Trulia’s database, look for those that match a user’s home search preferences, and send matches to Glass. And, the app looks like it’ll have some added functionality such as saving properties to a “My Trulia” account, receiving notifications when the user is nearby a matching property, getting directions and even calling the listing agent right from Glass.

It’s very similar to how most desktop real estate search sites work, which may not sound special … but it actually is. So far, most apps that are available for Glass offer a very limited version of their non-Glass service. That’s by design, given the nature of Glass itself. So it’s pretty unique to see a real estate Glass app that offers a fairly similar feature set to what home buyers might find on the Web.

If that’s how the Trulia app actually functions when it’s finished, it’ll be one of the more powerful Glass apps of any kind that I’ve come across.

The company blog post doesn’t give any specific timeframe for finishing the app, other than saying the team hopes it’ll be available “sometime soon.”

Check Trulia demo video.