beau — the controversial online dating site that allows only attractive people to join — is expanding its service on Monday for employers.

The company told Mashable it is readying a recruitment feature for employers wanting to hire “good-looking staff.” The free service would give individuals and companies access to its 750,000 member base of “attractive” people. Only those who are voted to be beautiful by others on the site are allowed to stick around.

Employers will have a dedicated business profile and be able to pursue other members who are looking for a job. Members will also be able to look through job listings and apply directly to companies.

“An honest employer will tell you that it pays to hire good-looking staff,” said Greg Hodge, managing director of, in a statement. “Attractive people tend to make a better first impression on clients, win more business and earn more.”

However, Hodge said the service should not just be for people looking for pictures of beautiful people and should be taken seriously: “This isn’t an invitation for crackpots to come and ogle our beautiful members.”

Although this sounds vain and even discriminatory, it’s no secret that certain companies want to hire attractive candidates to represent the brand. For example, a salesperson applying for a job at a makeup counter may be a more desirable hire if she has clear skin than if she has severe acne.

At the same time, the news comes as clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch has been back in the news and under fire for wanting only beautiful customers to buys its clothes. The CEO has long been vocal about its staffer requirement to be attractive.

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