glass to facebook

Facebook has made its way to Google Glass. Sharing to Facebook, that is, in the form of a third-party app appropriately named “Glass to Facebook”.

Once connected to your Facebook account, the app lets you share pictures taken with Glass to your Facebook account. The process is exceptionally similar to the how the current third-party Twitter client works for Glass, in that it makes your Facebook account a contact with which you share photos.

Photos show up as a small square on your profile, but you can click into them to view them full screen.

It’s worth noting that there’s currently a security alert on TesseractMobile’s website — the creator of the app — associated with the site’s root certificate. So install at your own risk.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Google’s Sergey Brin earlier this year that he couldn’t wait for Glass, which means we might see an official Facebook app come down the pipeline at some point as well.

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