increase youtube video views

You have uploaded a video on YouTube and wonder why it isn’t getting the number of hits you want? The video is exciting (or so, you think. If you didn’t think so, you wouldn’t have uploaded it in the first place, right?) and there are others that have millions of views that you can’t help clicking on it to watch, only to exclaim “That’s it?!” at the end of the video.

Therefore, you know that getting more views does not depend on how interesting the video is. In fact, viewers wouldn’t even know if the video is interesting BEFORE clicking on it.

So the secret to getting people to click on that video of yours are:

1. Keywords

Keywords are important just like when you want to write a blog post that would turn up on the top of a Google search and direct a lot of traffic to your website. Keywords help YouTube videos achieve the same too. Decide on the keywords you want and use them in the following sections:

YouTube SEO

Video file name: If you want people to arrive at your video by searching for the “car care tips” phrase, name your video something like carcaretips.mp4.
Title: Using the same “car care tips” keywords, your video title could be “Car Care Tips for Beginners”.
Tags: Tags are probably the most important element of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Use tags such as “car”, “care”, “tips”, “autocare” or any other words that you want to associate your video with. You can also use related keywords from popular videos.

2. Choose an attention-grabbing title

Which title do you think would sound more tempting to potential viewers, “Dance Competition 2012” or “The Winning Break-dance Moves”? You would have been tempted to read the latter, isn’t it?

Celebrity gossip magazines are the best in creating titles that sell their magazines and make you can’t resist turning the pages to find out who and what it was talking about. Do the same to pull in viewers!

3. Write a video description

People want to know what they will be watching, so spend a few minutes to write a good description of the video. Once again, make it as exciting and interesting as possible. Remember that this description should include your keywords as well. “Keywords” is always the way to go!

With all the keywords in place, your blog is now ready for SEO. But don’t just leave the SEO measures to do the work; you can play your part too and reap even more video hits!

4. Share the fame

How do you share the fame of a video that is already popular? You can do that by making a comment or a video response to a video that is most viewed.

Make sure the title and the thumbnail used are really enticing, then you will be able to capture the attention of the viewers, which in turn will most likely visit your videos!

5. Share your video

You most likely have a Facebook page, so put it to good use by sharing your video on your page. If you have friends whom you think would particularly enjoy the video, tag them or post the video on their walls. However, don’t overdo this as your friends would get bored after a while and will not take you seriously due to your “spamming” their walls, so make sure moderation is practiced.

6. Allow people to share your video

Sometimes, people forget to enable features such as allowing comments, sharing and embedding. How do you expect your video’s popularity to soar if people are unable to share it with their friends?

Therefore, make sure you allow all the options possible. Who knows, people might be dying to post your latest video on their Facebook pages or blogs!

7. Embed your video

If you have a blog or a website, embed it permanently there. This only gives you another avenue for video-sharing and will surely bring some traffic to your YouTube videos. You can also change the Embed color of YouTube video player to make it more attractive.

From my experience, increasing the viewership of your YouTube videos take efforts of two kinds – SEO and networking. The combination is a powerful one that is guaranteed to make your video hits skyrocket! Also remember you can drive traffic to your site with viral videos.

That’s it!

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