Since its re-launch in 2006, WAYN has managed to become one of the few social startups to secure funding despite a recent downturn in social media investment. After changing its market strategy over the years, the ‘Pinterest for travelers’ has relaunched its site once again in February. WAYN (Where Are You Now?) claims to be the world’s largest travel and social network and tries to fuse commerce with social. WAYN has, and still is, showing interest in key emerging markets such as South Africa, India and Indonesia and is planning on localising the site in Brazil, China and Russia in coming months.

Founders, Peter Ward and Jerome Touze ‘provide people with inspiration on new places to discover, fun things to do and interesting people to meet.’ Like other social networks, users of the site have profiles, can upload pictures or rate (or ‘like’) other users, places or services. The social network houses user data for 21.5 million users in over 193 different countries, making it a compelling option to potential advertisers.

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