An Australian start-up has officially launched the country’s newest online real estate portal,, declaring it has already over 120,000 listings and growing. The new portal is offering agents a cost-free new way of listing their properties and bypassing the need for subscription fees and featured listing costs, also boasts powerful new search features such as impressive keyword search and innovative new geo-spatial ‘Draw My Search’ capabilities that allow users to search for property in a way they never have before.

In a move that has the potential to be a game-changer in the online real estate space, Next Place uses technology commensurate with top search engines to find, aggregate and serve data from the web into one convenient location. is a blend of a vertical search engine and the familiar portal interface, powered by robust keyword search and an exciting new feature enabling users to draw their own search directly onto a map. Next Place is raising the standards of vertical market search starting with real estate, and agents don’t have to do a thing.

Dan Tarasenko, Founder and Director of Next Place, has been working online for many years and said the feedback from both agents and consumers firmed his suspicions that there was room for improvement in the marketplace.

“My goal was to create the site I wanted to use myself. Property is a very personal thing; we each place importance on different aspects, whether it be location or specific features. We are all time poor – by placing an emphasis on innovative search capabilities, I’m hoping to save both users and agents valuable time, and create a better experience for all.”

Next Place turns the tables on the standard suburb search or browse-by-region approach, instead allowing search to be initiated by keywords or catch-phrases that could return, for example, a complete list of “high rental return” investment properties across Australia in milliseconds. The ‘Draw My Search’ feature using customised shapes gives the user the power to create completely unique property searches.

Agents receive valuable insights from every email enquiry sent, including filters and keywords used to locate the property. “The information is there already”, said Tarasenko. “Every website using analytics will track user behaviour to improve their experience. Why not pass that on to the agent for free? I run a lean operation, and in my own experience, useful data increases productivity and reduces my expenses. I hope to help real estate agents and their vendors do the same”.

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