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Here we go:

At the top there’s your branding and main navigation. This is maybe 2 inches or so on my laptop screen. It has your logo in the upper left and all of that stuff. Since my screen is about 8 inches tall, this section of the the page takes up about 25 percent of the available viewing area.

Below this there’s some small type that works to flip around to other properties but it’s pretty unnoticeable. What’s more noticeable is the large type which shows the address. This is the biggest type on the page (unless the logo in the top branding area is bigger).
There’s also a big picture of the property in the upper left area. It’s the biggest picture on the page. Below it are a bunch of little postage stamp pictures of the property from different angles or interior shots and so on. If we click a postage stamp image, the big picture swaps out and is replaced with whatever was in the postage stamp.

To the right of that big picture is a block of text. That text is probably fed from the remarks field of your MLS. Below that block of text is a table that lists all the usual data bits about a property — beds, baths, square feet and so on.

Somewhere on the page — in a sidebar most likely — will be a map of where the property is. Also, there will be a little contact widget with a form for people to “ask questions” or “request a showing.”

As we scroll to the bottom of your property detail page we might see a table of all the stuff about the property that didn’t make it into the table up above. We might also find a variety of other data that you subscribe to such as school district information, and maybe stuff from Yelp or other social integrations.

This goes on until we get to the very bottom, where there are a bunch of disclaimers or copyright notices and a parade of logos for organizations that are affiliated and so on. Maybe there’s a few links to some other similar properties.

See “Why do listings look the same wherever we go?” at

Why do listings look the same wherever we go?Why do listings look the same wherever we go?