For real estate professionals, video is an essential marketing component: a dynamic means of introduction, for residential brokers, and a more powerful way to showcase featured properties. This statement should be obvious to anyone in the industry, but – and this point bears repeating for people who think any kind of video will suffice for successful promotions – everything depends on the quality and content of the videos these brokers produce. Which means working with creative partners, people who know that video is the ultimate form of storytelling and education. The alternative – an inferior series of generic videos, which neither distinguish one home from another nor highlight the strengths of individual brokers – is nothing more than a waste of time and money. And, in an economy beset with numerous challenges and heightened competition for sales, the real estate industry as a whole must adapt to new and better forms of marketing, powered by videos that overcome the conventional (and boring) formats of the past.
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This rule also applies to any business with a reliance on video marketing, where consumers want a combination of news, original content and entertainment. Uniting these forces, which is something we do for a variety of industries, reinforces a critical point: that the best brands have the ability to transcend and redefine the boundaries of mainstream thinking. These companies achieve these goals through a variety of factors – starting with vision, quality products, exceptional service and brand integrity – but they secure their leadership and expand their marketing through distinctive, fun and memorable videos. This principle, which inspires our work and enables us to transform even a mundane project (like advertising available retail space) into something significant, is the very foundation of “conversational marketing.” That is, good videos – no, great videos – get people talking; the videos expand their viewership nationally or globally, increasing awareness and achieving viral status.

Again, this undertaking requires the insight and counsel of proven professionals; but it further demands a large degree of talent and experience not every agency has. Other firms may shoot and edit videos, while still more may offer additional services like media relations, branding, design, positioning and research. But if these agencies lack the creative gene, so to speak, if they are unable to tell a story about a property – to humanize a house, or personalize a commercial space – then all they have is a collection of moving images, the video equivalent of Muzak: background material that by its very design never enters the foreground, never penetrates the minds of buyers and never – not for a single moment – elicits the cheers of viewers or the actions of potential buyers. That kind of video is, unfortunately, all too common; it prevents businesses from growing, and denies realtors the chance to make inroads with current and prospective clients.

Real estate brokers need to heed this advice, that creative and informative videos are necessity, unless they want to perpetuate the sort of hit-or-miss marketing that is costly and inefficient. That type of marketing, which also includes print ads, billboards and radio spots, does nothing to elevate a firm or broker. For example: a real estate firm may graft its own logo onto a simple template – the same one used by countless competitors – and change some verbiage, but that undertaking is a futile exercise; it looks no different than standard brochures or online ads, while consuming precious dollars that could, if used properly, have a lasting impact.

Creative videos are the solution to these issues. With the right guidance, these videos can transform the real estate industry and the marketplace as a whole. Let us begin this effort with confidence and success — for everyone.

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