Why People Really Read Your About Page

It is not to know whether you are a leading provider of solutions, or an innovative distributer of systems. (Neither is it to learn the unabridged history of your company, as some businesses seem to believe.)

It is actually for the same reason people want to know more about anyone they’re thinking of giving money to, or forming a relationship with.

They Want to Know if They Can Trust You

They want to know that you’re good at what you do, that you’re the right business to buy from, that you won’t gyp them, and so on.

But if you use the kind of language I’ve just shown you, they’ll think the opposite. People are not stupid. They know that if you use fancy language to “describe” something, without saying anything clearly at all, you are probably being less than honest. They see this kind of obfuscation all the time from the people they trust least: politicians.

Therefore, you must take quite a different approach. In fact, since the point of your about page is to show prospects they can trust you, you must do exactly what you would do in a face-to-face conversation.

You Must Open up to Them

That is a terribly scary thing for most businesses, because for some reason they think it is unprofessional to be human. This is madness.

Being human is the only way to really connect with your prospects, because your prospects are human. And really connecting with them is the very best way to turn them into not only buyers, but customers (people who make a custom of buying).

How do you “be human?”
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