On March 21, 2013 we held an online seminar dedicated to building a niche website where people can sign up and look for like-minded people.
Dating does not have to be the main idea of your website built with Dating Pro. You can remove any mention of ‘dating’ from the site and replace it with your niche keywords.

In this particular webinar we looked deeper into how you can build a website around traveling and finding travel companions.

We have shown how administration panel tools can help you modify your site so that none of the code changes are necessary. Following tools were used:

- user types management, including couple profiles and user sub-types;
- membership levels and access permissions;
- profile builder and custom fields;
- design tools and themes switcher;
- landing page blocks and main banner;
- logotype settings and icons;
- site content management, including news, news feeds, site languages, information pages and more.

Let us know if you would be interested in attending such seminars in the future, and feel free to send your ideas.

This is a screenshot of the website that we tested all the functionality on: