Harry Mylonadis is talking about “naming”:

Naming is one of the top things requested by startups when they come to us for help. It’s definitely one of the most important elements of your brand and one that is sometimes neglected. Your name gives people the first taste of what they should expect from you and an introduction to your story. It can set the tone of what is going to come and show that you are different.

Of course finding a name can be as easy as a walk to the park (where you get the great idea) or as difficult as a fight (of which I’ve seen plenty). The truth is that there is no secret formula to finding a good name but there are some points that can lead you down the right path. Here’s a list of tips that I’ve found to be helpful when we work with new brands:

  1. Make it unique
  2. Avoid generics
  3. Make it simple
  4. What letter to start with
  5. Use any resource you can get
  6. Get team and external input
  7. Let it be
  8. On domain names

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