what is social discovery?What is social discovery? It’s a type of social networking which is based on interests or behavior. People may come to social networking site to find out something interesting, get some knowledge on the subject. Social discovery communities use various algorithms to suggest new people, places, and goods to such targeted people.

They often use “vicinity-based” services to show people with the same interests near you. It’s called “people discovery”. In other cases blogs may offer a list of people who are also interested in a subject together with the relevant articles they have read. That’s “content discovery”.

Another trend is “social shopping” – the best for monetizing. The idea is that a person comes to online store, buys something and sees relevant stuff (e.g. goods his friends bought before). Some online shopping platforms offer user reviews and feedbacks for the goods.

In general, they are all social networking sites.

So, how to make a social networking site with social discovery elements?
Make sure you offer the following options:
1) Suggestions – track user data and interests and offer similar options in searches, profiles, texts, ads.
2) Locations – show maps with relevant radius. Do not show exact location for people. Use vicinity.
3) Social graphs – integrate FB social API, Twitter API etc. to get user social graph to provide relevant friends’ preferences, content sharing and suggestions.
4) Track every step – “watch” your members. Save their paths and offer similar choices next time they come.

How to start? – Just a build a simple social network with ready-made community software. Make sure you get an open source to be able to innovate. Social discovery is a new trend and every startup uses it in its own unique way. Find your Own special way. Then get the most relevant social networking software (with the most amount of features you need at the beginning and good support). We suggest trying PG SocialBiz as a social networking platform.

It unites community and some social discovery options. Community offers: profiles, user walls, recent activity, friends, privacy settings, galleries and searches.  Social discovery part shows “People near you” suggestions, “Top users” and “Online now” sliders, maps, allows targeting banner advertising on a website. The script itself is flexible and reliable. It has administration panel for an effective community management: user lists, billing, site modules management, advanced stats and much more! In addition, professional and friendly support team is always ready to answer your questions on software functionality and tuning via chat, email and phone (for pre-sales requests). If interested, you can easily check online demos to decide if PG SocialBiz is the one you need. One nice detail about this community builder is that you pay once and you own the code. No more recurring payments or profit sharing.

In conclusion, we wanted to note that software is only one step towards success. To become popular you need to think on social discovery elements that will be “catchy” for your audience.