dating site template from PilotgroupThis is 4th article of our set of publications for online dating startups. You can read previous article here.

Social Dating is a new trend everyone’s talking about. In fact the concept is not new.  The idea is: you create an online community based on interests or likes offering dating features in addition.  Social dating sites have a wide variety of communication tools, advanced user profiles and in-build sharing tools.
Social dating sites usually have special dating website templates featuring short registration and login forms on the first site page. Single-sign-on is also added as an option for faster registrations. Members usually consider such sites “another social network” and don’t mind showing real names in their profiles.

If you are wondering on how to start a dating website with social options, consider ready-made dating software available online. You will get your site online in a day and will be able to play with its design/texts/settings. We see that most of dating software vendors do provide social dating features already inside scripts. They are: SSO buttons, using real names vs. nicknames for members, sharing options for blogs posts, forums and the site itself.

You would probably want to add some bonus system for checking member’s real personality. In case a user registered with Facebook data, for example, it’s not necessary. Otherwise, ask members to verify their personality by performing a simple background check. You can sell “I’m a real person” badges for a small payment (monthly payments) like POF does.

To make a truly social dating community, add more forums, increase activity in blogs and encourage community members to help each other in “Questions and Answers” section. Add targeting features like suggestions on who to connect with at search pages. They may be based on location, age, online status, interests. You may consider to regular update your events section with current meetings and events happening in the area. These types of social discovery work good in dating.

In addition, promote yourself in main social networks. It also makes sense to add Facebook app so that members could join a community and navigate a site directly from Facebook. Add a Twitter feed right into your website. Just keep in mind that your members came there to date and to meet new people, to network. Therefore, entertain them.