Save Flash and Video logotypeThis summer brings good news to customers of almost every product produced by PilotGroup.NET.

This piece of news is devoted to users of Save Flash and Video. We start developing a new version of Save Flash & Video program!

The upcoming version will include the following benefits:

Compatible with 4 browsers
Save Flash & Video will be a cross-browser application. It will be compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.

Storing files online
Save Flash & Video will be an online application working on a cloud hosting. You will be able to store your favorite media files on our servers.

Converting audio and video
There will be an option to convert audio and video files into a desired format and a selected quality. This will allow playing downloaded files on any device and with an optimal quality.

Supporting more video sites
Saving video will work with popular video hosting services such as YouTube and social networking sites such as MySpace, VKontakte. During the development work we test Save Flash & Video at more than 100 services.

Available to everyone
Save Flash & Video core features will be available absolutely for free. More advanced options will be offered for a minor fee.

Save Flash & Video was installed over 10 million times. We thank you for choosing our product!

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