The world is not devoid of automobile enthusiasts; you find one and get sufficient resource for extending your love and curiosity for automobiles. From the Popular Mechanics (the popular automobile magazine) going online to having free advice on the blogosphere with worthy mechanic(s) answering your queries about buying, maintaining or repairing cars’ you can have all in the World Wide Web. With automobile companies (and likes) going online, the scope for finding a worthy car portal, which can gratify your needs, is easy.

Given under is a brief outline of the major car portals which can be watched out for.

1) Cars

This web site provides a national directory to its users. From used car classifieds to new automobiles, you can find details according to individual make and model. It is potentially the primary destination for online car hoppers. With credible and easily understandable information, your queries regarding what and how to purchase get resolved effortlessly. To further ease its applicability for users, the web site uses galleries, photos, comparison tools and editorial content.

This 1998 division of Classified Ventures LLC enables buyers to enjoy a confident and superior shopping experience with its extended tools.

2) Auto Trader

Although Auto Trader does not directly buy or sell vehicles, it serves a worthy channel between car buyers and sellers. This is supposed to be the biggest portal for new and used cars’ trade. Since they are not car dealers, the listing information comes directly from sellers’ end. You can do your own research to compare new, certified and used vehicles. Having a wide advantages of collector autos, loans, fraud awareness and insurance, Auto Trader can be a credible resource when dealing with cars.

3) Popular Mechanics

The Popular Mechanics has a community of great automotive enthusiasts and possibly the best custom builds on the road. The car enthusiasts can find it a good portal for sharing plans. It also provides immediate accessibility to expert and practical advice and insight.

It also encourages DIY builders and bike riders to showcase custom builds and extraordinary road trips. You can trade information on tools or the best equipment. Browsing through the galleries and message boards can be an informative and gratifying experience.

4) Kelly Blue Book

This is the ‘trusted resource’ for new and used values since the past 75 years. With a young initiative under the name of Kelley Kar Company, the present day largest dealership (worldwide) began. It initiated the significance of valuing used cars (Blue Book values). The company had been known for its innovation in selling cars since long.

At this portal, you can gain access to both new and used car values (according to make or model). The section on reviews and ratings, financing and insurance, purchasing advice and certified pre-owned autos can serve as important parameters in arriving at a confident decision.

5) CarsDirect

CarsDirect can be your preferred portal for buying new cars online. It has been highly rated by Forbes, Time, PC World, and others. It offers a comprehensive listing of information, which the novice buyers can find credible. The portal provides a huge selection of new and used cars for sale. There is a vehicle specialist to help ease your purchase process. The portal also helps its customers find worthy dealers who can offer the best of their services for favorable outcomes. It has a vast congregation of newer model year pre-owned cars for locating the best suited one.

6) Auto Anything

What first began as a manufacturer and retailer of seat covers and floor mats more than three decades ago extended into one of America’s fastest growing online retailers of automotive products. This family team extended itself to provide quality products from worthy brand names.

With the aim to do things in the best interest of its customers, Auto Anything regularly monitors customer feedback to improvise its services. Since the company is associated with product manufacturers, middlemen markups are taken care of. A research guide can make your shopping easier.

The site features a ‘1- year lower price guarantee’ wherein you can expect to get the difference from that of your vehicle purchase if you find a lower advertised price. There should be no hidden charges to surprise you; shopping is just a click away within the comfort of your home.

7) Edmunds

With and Inside Line, Edmunds Inc. aims to educate automotive enthusiasts and consumers. It has several worthy value additions like the best Blog prize at the 2011 Best of the Web Awards. It can be a credible resource for smart buyers with many attractive features including vehicle reviews and research new and used autos. It has extended itself to customers by launching a ‘ReadersRides’ blog for consumers to share stories, images and responses.

You have diversified options – the Car Talk (a popular and hilarious auto advice radio show) giving crazy tips and worthy advice for practical implementation or the many blogs which target the car enthusiasts and serve a hub of information with useful solutions for your everyday automotive needs or anything else. The above list is not exhaustive, although complete in it, and can be extended further for wider applicability of resources within the industry.

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