Communication is an important part of our life. We use any tool to get connected with people. Old ways don’t work as effective as online tools any more. Mentality being changed, social networking market is growing rapidly replacing TV, print media, phone, post cards.

We go to social networks every day to see what our friends are doing, check on photos and meet new people. The level of unnecessary noise is too high though at such communities. Niche social networking is now the more effective way addressing the needs of your crowd.

That’s why getting into social networking market is easy nowadays. If you need to start your own community site, just get a ready-made community building software and you’ll be up and running within 24 hours. You can check social networking script from PilotGroup – PG SocialBiz.

It’s a professional ready-made social networking software for business, niche and enterprise social networking. It features all options people would expect at a regular social network: profiles, registrations, friends lists, searches. Besides, you can decide on monetizing schemes, site services, colors. It’s basically your branding, copyright and database.

Just now, a new version of SocialBiz July 2011 was released. It includes updates for its powerful SEO module for better ranks, new Games page for site users, updates in administration panel for faster site management.

The software is available online now. You can also get a free trial. With Social Biz you get a great deal: powerful social networking script and additional modules if necessary, onetime payment, open source code, free lifetime support, possibility to change copyrights, logo, design to match your own community, free installation on your own server if you need to. Check it out, it’s worth spending a couple of minutes online with online demos!