Personal matchmaking and dating agency businesses are attracting a lot of people who failed to find partner at a regular dating site.  Match making is just right for them: it provides personal approach, coaching and perfect match for potential couple.

There’s no doubt,  that both professional and new matchmakers need to have their site online to attract more leads.  You can write site from scratch and spend a lot of money, “lease” your site and share clients database with others (which is not very acceptable for many), or get a out-of-a-box matchmaking software and be up online within a couple of days.  It’s very important for a personal matchmakers to keep privacy for their clients and completely control their site.

Keeping that in mind, we can say that ready-made package software PG Matchmaking Pro is a perfect fit for it. The reasons are multiple: onetime fee (reasonable for open source), you own your code, license, site and database. In addition, you can get free support and installation. You can install your site on any server you want as long as it answers all system requirements.

PG Matchmaking Pro is a turnkey matchmaking site software for professional match makers and dating agencies. Recently PG Matchmaking solution was updated and new version March 2011 is available for everyone online now. It’s a small but important update which allows you change and translate all questions and answer variants for registration forms and user profiles. The best thing is that you can try Matchmaking Pro online in demos or by downloading free trial before the order.

Fully featured administration panel provides you access to your clients, their profiles and photos. PG Matchmaking Pro also has online documentation available for everyone to ease up learning on how to manage your site more effectively.

If you plan to start a serious match making business, ready-made solutions are the way to go: they save time, money and provide everything your clients would need in one package. PG Matchmaking Pro software can definitely become a reliable base for your personal matchmaking and coaching site.