The following changes were done to make PG Job Site Pro better for you.

The new version of PG Job Site Pro Solution was devoted to improvements in usability design of user’s and administrator’s panel. We hired a team of experienced usability experts who prepared a usability analysis of the system and developed a conception for improving its efficiency (improvements in performing everyday tasks) and ease of learning striving to make it easier for users to accomplish basic tasks the first time they enter admin mode.

The first page administrator sees after accessing admin panel is a dashboard which is a start point for administrator’s everyday tasks. Here administrator can do some basic actions such as create a new user, setup payment systems on the site etc and view system objects that require administrator’s attention such as payments confirmation, resumes and vacancies approval, messages received etc.

Admin panel has become more simple and clear now: similar and small sections were merged; some of the sections were moved to more relevant branches, some of the sections become useless because of the system’s logics changes and were removed.

Users, resumes, vacancies and payments management was modified to allow achieve administrator’s goals more efficiently and require less management time.

There were a lot of other minor changes and corrections for the best functionality of the software. We move forward and promise to regularly release new versions of PG Job Site Pro Solution to help your business grow and attract more clients for your business.

We appreciate your participation in PG Job Site Pro improvement!